15 July 2012

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'Mavi Marmara' ke Arakan

Press Release MAPIM
26 th June 2012
The Malaysian Consultative Council of Islamic Societies (MAPIM) announces its endeavor to enter into Arakan, Myanmar , in its mission to deliver humanitarian aid to victims of Rohingya ethnic cleansing by the extremist Rakhine group . It is launched in view of the grave and brutal way the Myanmar security is dealing with the situation especially towards the Rohingya community.
We have come to a conclusion that the inaction of the international communities to extend humanitarian aid and to halt the massacre of Rohingya community in the Arakan state of Myanmar is most pathetic .
With the supposedly new political era of Myanmar , we see no progress whatsoever in the Rohingya issue. The oppression has  in fact escalated both in terms of human rights violation and  full fledge ethnic cleansing and human genocide.