25 September 2010


by: Natasya Anis Rusli

Feeling down? That’s life. Sometimes we are in the good mood and sometimes we’re not. Nobody is created by Allah swt with happy-all-the-time feeling, without any slight of sadness. Even our prophet Muhammad saw has been extremely tested in his journey of spreading Islam throughout the world. But, what was it that made him replenish his spirit? What caused him not to give up?

“And do thou be patient, for thy patience is but from Allah swt; nor grieve over them: and distress not thyself because of their plots.” (An-Nahl:127)

Yes! Allah swt is the answer. From Him we came and to Him also we’ll return. He gives us the trouble and He also provides us the path for solution. It depends on us. How deep is our belief in Allah swt, searching for His love. Life’s such a seesaw, when a person is down, the other is up. Sometime we are down and vise versa. Life can be a wheel, cycling till it stops. Yesterday we were up, today we are down, tomorrow? Who knows…(Allahu a’lam)

The manual that always motivate us towards true happiness..

Thank Allah swt for his ‘ar-Rahman’ and ‘ar-Rahim’. He never let us float in the air without providing the land. Only human make themselves blind, do not want to step on the reality, as if this world is forever. Keep in contact with Him every moment and we’ll find someone is beside us while we are alone, feeling bad. Have faith with Him and He will show us the light of happiness and take away our sadness.

Put the trust in Allah swt in whatever task we do, whatever word we say as long as it is parallel to Islam. Ask for His favour and He will give us. If not today, it’ll be tomorrow. That’s the positive thinking and lock it in our mind. It is the greatest inspiration in keeping up our spirit. When we are in trouble, always keep ourselves motivated.

“Inspiration and motivation are exactly like nutrition. You have to keep on taking it daily, in healthy doses”

That’ right! And as you know we meet Allah swt 5 times daily in our prayer. In addition, fasting, reciting the Quran, charity and lots more. How big is the motivation if we can make the connection to Allah swt in our daily routines. Imagine how could it be if we take for granted this important soul nutrition? Depletion, fatigue depression and lack of ambition and achievement will very soon manifest ourselves.

Don’t be sad. Pray to Allah swt. The positive thinking must ever be nourished and renourished to push the enthusiasm forward…always moving forward.